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Sharing of Moral Values
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  1. Balloon
  2. 'Charity' Money - Integrity
  3. 'Charity' Money - Cause vs. Creative Fundraising
  4. Consequence
  5. Family Bond(yin shui shi yuan)
  6. Human vs. Animal-Mt Huang Shan
  7. Man-made Cattle
  8. I want to be a doctor
  9. "Jing Ying"
  10. Story of Xinglin
  11. The Reality of Giving
  12. Betrayal-Hindrance to Growth
  13. Sad Reality of Life

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Sharing of Moral Values

In the course of counseling cancer patients and their caregivers, our founder has noticed that most people are becoming more self-centred and materialistic, and values like filial piety are losing their "ground" in our present society.

She is concerned as more people, especially the younger generation are caught in the rat race - behaving less humanely. The good news is that some charitable and religious organizations are conducting human values classes to children and teenagers on a free-of-charge basis. In February 2004, she visited the Katong Sai Centre to learn more about their human values classes. She is impressed by the voluntary teachers' dedication and sincerely hopes that parents will also play an active role in instilling good moral values into their children.

The five core family values advocated by the Ministry of Community Development, and Sports (MCDS) are : Love, care and concern; Filial responsibility; Mutual respect; Commitment; and Communication. However, our founder is not sure if MCDS has been successful in instilling them into Singaporeans.

Since Year 2000, our founder has developed an interest for the arts and feels that paintings can serve as effective educational materials if they are meaningful. Her search for such paintings has been fruitful when she met some like-minded artists. Among them, is Mr Loy Chye Chuan, a respectable local artist who has given his kind consent and generous support for his masterpieces (not for sale) to be posted on CancerStory.com.

Our founder hopes to impart some moral values (translated in English by our founder) through Mr Loy's paintings. More paintings will be added when they are available.

To view these paintings, please click on each moral lesson listed on the side navigational frame.

Posted on 2 May 2004

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