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Man-made Cattle

The below painting depicts an air-pump was used to blow up a cow and a buffalo that look realistic in their physical appearances, but in reality, they have no functional ability. Unlike a real buffalo in the background, which can plough the field and benefit mankind.

(Work of Mr Loy Chye Chuan)

Moral lesson :

In our present society, one will notice that attractive external appearance/packaging has become a winning formula in many arenas, as it works on the weakness of some humans who will go for "beautiful and impressive" appearances.

Very often, the majority will realize that what they pay for are of no functional value and it could even be an expensive lesson for some.

Likewise, for those who "capitalize" on the weakness of some humans, they will also gradually lose grip of the "rein" when the truth comes into light. In the worst scenario, they may end up as losers.

Interestingly, in one write-up in the Straits Times of 26 May 2004, it reported that a man in north-eastern China divorced his wife after discovering that she is a "man-made beauty", when their newborn child is "spectacularly ugly". This is indeed a sad incident when humans lose their sense of wisdom to base a marriage on looks rather than love.

Posted on 02 June 2004

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