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Sharing with Students & Parents
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Sharing of Moral Values
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  1. Balloon
  2. 'Charity' Money - Integrity
  3. 'Charity' Money - Cause vs. Creative Fundraising
  4. Consequence
  5. Family Bond(yin shui shi yuan)
  6. Human vs. Animal-Mt Huang Shan
  7. Man-made Cattle
  8. I want to be a doctor
  9. "Jing Ying"
  10. Story of Xinglin
  11. The Reality of Giving
  12. Betrayal-Hindrance to Growth
  13. Sad Reality of Life

Spirit of Caring & Sharing
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(Work of Mr Loy Chye Chuan)

Moral lesson :

As depicted in the painting above, if "Jing Ying" are nurtured and grown like bonsai in a pot, they become readily portable, allowing it to move easily from one posh "residence" to another as long as the latter offers the optimum benefits and rewards.

On the other hand, if "Jing Ying" are planted deep into the solid ground, it will grow into a sturdy tree - their roots will grow firm and deep into the soil of their origin. Such "Jing Ying" will not only remember their roots, they will also be less mobile and understand their roles better-i.e. providing shade for their fellowmen (repay their benefactor's kindness).

Hence, it is important to nurture "Jing Ying" using the appropriate "method" (teach them the importance of human values) in order to develop one's sense of righteousness.

Follow-up - Changing values

The Casino debate had finally ended with the final decision to build the Integrated Resorts; that was an expected outcome for most Singaporeans. What the future holds for us is anybody's guess (nobody knows).

Early mankind survived on preying on food and living in caves. Through evolution, mankind today has become sophisticated, enjoying fine dining and luxurious lifestyles in an effluent society. Does this mean that mankind has entered a new era of modernization, sophistication and advancement? Not necessarily, as many human actions today seem to suggest that mankind today is moving towards a new form of a primitive era where people are doing anything and everything merely for materialistic gains. Hence, it is not surprising to learn about the new definitions to Jing Ying as highlighted in the below article published in LianHe ZaoBao.

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